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Easeltaes is a tech-enabled pure online art gallery and a market disruptor in the art space. For the longest time, paintings and artworks are confined mostly to the four walls of traditional art galleries. Easeltales has taken the digital-first approach and was set up to democratize art. Easeltales was founded in 2019 with primary purpose of making modern, high quality artworks accessible to everyone at affordable rates. We started with a small team of 2, and few hundred artworks from handful of artists. Today we are a proud team of 20, and our catalogue has grown to 10000+ from over 1000 artists. We are among the very few who offer framing and customizations online. We have served over 15000 customers from all over the world. For us art is more than just a business - it's our passion, our grit, our life !




Easeltales aims to provide art buyers an opportunity to acquire art at attractive price points along with making the buying process easy. It offers a platform for artists to showcase their work and reach out to a wider audience and not be restricted to their local markets or cities.

Easeltales promises to fulfil three broad objectives:

Bring Global Art to the doorstep of art lovers at attractive price;
Encourage & Nurture established and emerging talent;
Simplify the Art buying process.